Mornington Peninsula

Back in Melbourne we scored a short house sit with Bella, a Lab. It was a super hot weekend so we were thankful for their new pool, just a pity about the crocodile…

Bella watching America’s Cup racing with us.
One of the hazards of housesitting in Austrailia

Then some birthday fun for Jim turning 60 before we start our next road trip.

New T shirt!

Then a trip to a vineyard for tastings, lunch and a sculpture trail. 

then off to a brewery for beer and gin tasting to finish the day.

Mornington has always been a favourite area to visit, the beaches, mountain views, walks, wineries and breweries tick all our boxes.ย  Finding some free stealth parks makes it even better.

Yumm, chocolate & raspberry gelato
Mornington Beach
Mornington lookout
Free day parking in Mornington
Dinner sunset before moving to a stealth park
Arthur’s Seat, worth coming back on a clear day

Cape Schanck has a great short walk, interesting geology and light house

Fort Nepean National Park is at the tip of the peninsula and has an excellent trail network to reach the old WWI and II gun emplacements.

The trail from the carpark passes remains of a jetty
Fort Pearce barracks
1911 Fort Pearce was used in WWI, but due to the exposed position to air attack dummy guns were installed in 1942 and a new camouflaged emplacement built.
Fort Nepean has a network of tunnels and rooms with stories of the past, automatic lighting and sound tracks play as you walk through.

Next up, The Great Ocean Road

4 thoughts on “Mornington Peninsula”

  1. Looks great and good to be back out exploring again. Lucky you got out of NZ just in time.. back in lock down for us now. Safe travels ; – )


  2. Heading there in April…if theyโ€™ll let us. Thanks for an interesting insight on places to visit too.


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